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3rd International Congress of Bioeconomy

3rd International Congress of Bioeconomy
Agriculture and forestry, Mining and mining industry, Food processing, Financial services, Transport and logistics | 02.09.2014 13:28




The Łódź voivodeship is the ninth biggest and sixth most populated voivodeship in Poland. Over 64% of its inhabitants live in towns and cities.
| 29.03.2015 17:48

Regional Brand: who appoints the best companies

Since 2003 the Łódź voivodeship has been implementing the assumptions of the new regional brand “Łódzkie promuje” (Łódź voivodeship promotes) and has started signing its “products” with this brand and its logo. It grants certificates “Łódzkie promuje” to the companies, institutions, organizations...
| 29.03.2015 17:49

Polish Law is Closing the Gap to Europe

A quarter of a century following the downfall of Communism, Poland possesses a legal system that respects civic liberties and, in the sphere of economy, protects free market principles and the security of business trading. What is more, for over 10 years now it has been compliant with the Europea...
| 30.03.2015 09:50